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Immersive Marketing - Gamified Branding - Transmedia Experiences


Creative Tech Consultation

Our team of creative technologists design in site, consultation engagements, workshops, interactive experiences for brands, campaigns, activations and more



The one-of-a-kind tech event in Winnipeg since 2022, brings panels, workshops, exhibitions and a trade show annually for professionals, enthusiasts and innovators


Hyper Projects

Customized interactive projects for long term engagements, utilizing artificial intelligence, gamified experiences, immersive tech and more

What we create

Elevate your brand with our immersive tech-powered storytelling

From concept to launch, we weave cutting-edge creativity across all media

Immersive Marketing

We harness cutting-edge technologies to elevate your marketing campaigns, offering innovative solutions ranging from immersive virtual tours to engaging, gamified real-world experiences.

Transmedia Storytelling

We craft multi-faceted narratives that resonate across platforms, allowing clients to engage with brands from diverse perspectives. We combine theoretical knowledge with practical expertise to develop story-driven campaigns that captivate audiences through multiple touchpoints.

Gen AI Implementation

HYPER leads the way in exploring Generative AI technologies. Our expertise spans a wide range of generative systems, enabling us to create diverse content including videos, 3D assets, audio, and beyond. We also offer consultation on implementing Generative AI platforms for our clients.

Jump into Hyperspace

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